What is Blackbook

The new blackbook will replace the eDog tracker product and allows you to:

Create An Account

You can create a Watchdog account using either an email address and password, or you can login using Facebook, Twitter or a Google account. To create an account, tap or click on the profile button in the top right hand corner of the Watchdog App or desktop site.

Tip: Make sure you verify your account or you will not be able to receive daily email summaries of when our favourite dogs and trainers are scheduled to run.

Need help creating your account or logging in?

Import Your Dogs

You can import from your account profile page in Watchdog, which will ask for you to enter your FastTrack login information - either your FastTrack Member Number or the email you used to create your account with FastTrack and your FastTrack password.

Still need help? Check out our Watchdog Import Guide [PDF].

Need more Help?

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